MDR Sport im Osten, 4:39"MDR Sport im Osten" about René Behncke
"MDR Sport im Osten", TV program from 10 August 2014 about René Behncke in Bitterfeld 2014 (Video/Report: MDR)
(Date: 2014-08-10, File: MDR Sport im Osten, 4:39)

20. Int. Motorbootrennen Berlin Grünau, 16:56Powerboat Race Berlin Grünau 2013
20th Int. Powerboat Race Berlin Grünau part 2, class R1000, ADAC Motorbootmasters F4S (Video: ADAC Motorsport Berlin-Brandenburg)
(Date: 2013-09-29, File: 20. Int. Motorbootrennen Berlin Grünau, 16:56)

WDR Sport im Westen, 2:31"WDR Sport im Westen" about Reinhard Gerbert
"WDR Sport im Westen", TV program from 19 Oct. 2013 about Reinhard Gerbert in Berlin-Grünau 2013 (Video/Report: RBB, Philipp Büchner)
(Date: 2013-09-29, File: WDR Sport im Westen, 2:31)

MDR-Sachsen-Spiegel, 2:06Weisswasser / Lake Halbendorf 2013
3rd ADAC Powerboat Grand Prix Lausitz, 27/28 April 2013, EC FR1000 (Video: MDR-Sachsen-Spiegel)
(Date: 2013-04-28, File: MDR-Sachsen-Spiegel, 2:06)

YouTube, 19:50Berlin-Grünau 2012
19th Int. ADAC Powerboat race Berlin-Grünau, 18/19 August 2012, EC FR1000, S550 (Video: YouTube, ADAC Motorsport Berlin-Brandenburg)
(Date: 2012-08-19, File: YouTube, 19:50)

www.waterfestival.cz, 640x360, 24:45Roudnice nad Labem 2012
Vemex Hydro GP Roudnice (CZE), EC Formula R1000 / 24 June 2012 (Video: www.waterfestival.cz)
(Date: 2012-06-24, File: www.waterfestival.cz, 640x360, 24:45)

YouTube, 1:19Formula R-1000 Racing
Trailer about the Formula R1000 (Video: YouTube, Kay Kaschube)
(Date: 2011-11-24, File: YouTube, 1:19)

YouTube, 1280x720, 3:59Lauffen/N. 2011
International Powerboat Race Lauffen/N., Formula R1000 - Heat 1 / 17 Sept. 2011 (Video: YouTube, TBStudios)
(Date: 2011-11-06, File: YouTube, 1280x720, 3:59)

vimeo.com, 1280x720, 2:17Berlin-Grünau 2011
International Powerboat Race Berlin-Grünau 27/28 August 2011 (Video: Susan Heibuch)
(Date: 2011-10-23, File: vimeo.com, 1280x720, 2:17)

YouTube, 600x360, 2:27F1 Fehmarn 2011
Kalsow Formula 1 Powerboat Promotion Events - Fehmarn 9/10 July 2011
(Date: 2011-07-29, File: YouTube, 600x360, 2:27)

CumbriaLive.tv, 640x360, 1:352010 Records Week
Jim Noone (GBR), Formula R 1000, new speed record: 103.87 mph ,about 167 kph (Video: CumbriaLive.tv)
(Date: 2010-11-12, File: CumbriaLive.tv, 640x360, 1:35)

YouTube, 4:24Lake Alfred / FL (USA) 2010
Lake Alfred / FL (USA) 2010 (Video: Christian Langer, YouTube)
(Date: 2010-10-24, File: YouTube, 4:24)

YouTube, 4:21Bitterfeld (GER) 2010
Waterfestival Bitterfeld (GER) 2010 (Video: Christian Langer, YouTube)
(Date: 2010-08-17, File: YouTube, 4:21)

YouTube, 1:46Brodenbach (GER) 2010
TV Report SWR: 39th Int. Powerboat Race Brodenbach (GER) 2010 (YouTube)
(Date: 2010-06-17, File: YouTube, 1:46)

YouTube, 4:03Powerboat Racing
Powerboat Racing - Music Video (Video: YouTube)
(Date: 2009-12-29, File: YouTube, 4:03)

YouTube, 0:33Bitterfeld (GER) 2009
Viktor Vö flips in first heat F125 in Bitterfeld (GER)
(Date: 2009-08-09, File: YouTube, 0:33)

YouTube, 600x480, 1:24Formula R-1000 Trailer
Video about the Formula R-10000 (Video: Kay Kaschube, YouTube)
(Date: 2009-08-03, File: YouTube, 600x480, 1:24)

YouTube, 8:21Dessau (GER) 2008
Report of WC round F-500 and EC rounds F-350 and F-R10000 in Brandenburg (14-16 Aug. 2007, Video: Christian Langer)
(Date: 2008-07-06, File: YouTube, 8:21)

YouTube, 2:21In memory of Janos Feil 2008
Report about deceased F-350 World an European Campion (by Christian Langer)
(Date: 2008-05-11, File: YouTube, 2:21)

YouTube, 3:02German Formula R1000 Hydros 2007
Video aubout F-R1000 season 2007 in Germany (Video: Kay Kaschube, YouTube)
(Date: 2007-10-13, File: YouTube, 3:02)

YouTube, 4:19Brandenburg (GER) 2007
Report of WC round F-500 and EC rounds F-350 and F-R1000 in Brandenburg
(GER, 14-16 Sep. 2007, Video: Christian Langer, YouTube)
(Date: 2007-09-16, File: YouTube, 4:19)

YouTube, 4:45Bitterfeld (GER) 2007
Report of WC round F-500 and EC rounds F-250 and F-1250 in Bitterfeld
(GER, 10-12 Aug. 2007, Video: Christian Langer, YouTube)
(Date: 2007-08-12, File: YouTube, 4:45)

*.mp4, 320x240, 4:38, 11.8 MBMora (SWE) 2007
Report of EC OSY-400 and EC rounds F-250 and F-350 in Mora (SWE, 27/28 July 2007, Video: Christian Langer)
(Date: 2007-07-28, File: *.mp4, 320x240, 4:38, 11.8 MB)

YouTube, 2:27Berlin-Grünau (GER) 2007
Report of EC round F-R1000 and EC S-550 in Berlin-Grünau (GER)
(14/15 July 2007, Video: Christian Langer, YouTube)
(Date: 2007-07-15, File: YouTube, 2:27)

YouTube, 4:38Partwitz (GER) 2007
Report of EC O-500 in Partwitz (GER)
(2/3 June 2007, Video: Christian Langer, YouTube)
(Date: 2007-06-03, File: YouTube, 4:38)

*.WMV, 320x238, 3:09, 8.94 MBBrandenburg (GER) 2006
Report of final WC round F-500 in Brandenburg (22-24 Sept. 2006, Video: Christian Langer)
(Date: 2006-09-24, File: *.WMV, 320x238, 3:09, 8.94 MB)

*.wmv, 320x238, 2:37, 5.1 MBMora (SWE) 2006
Report of the first EC round F-250 in Mora (SWE) (29/30 July 2006, Video: Christian Langer)
(Date: 2006-07-30, File: *.wmv, 320x238, 2:37, 5.1 MB)

*.wmv, 320x238, 4:21, 12.2 MBBrodenbach (GER) 2006
Report of EC OSY-400 in Brodenbach (GER) (10/11 June 2006, Video: Christian Langer)
(Date: 2006-06-14, File: *.wmv, 320x238, 4:21, 12.2 MB)

320x240, 3:15Sacca di Colorno (ITA) 2006
Report of F-350 EC opening in Sacca di Colorno (20/21 May 2006, Video: Christian Langer)
(Date: 2006-05-21, File: 320x240, 3:15)

320x240, 0:18Riesa (GER) 2005
Ingo Woelk (GER) at an excursion outside the water in Riesa (GER, 04/05 June 2005, Video: Katrin Noack)
(Date: 2005-06-05, File: 320x240, 0:18)

360x288, 0:06Berlin-Grünau (GER) 2004
Reinhard Gerbert (Formula R1000) tried to fly:
Video by TV Dessau (Story by Christian Langer)
(Date: 2004-07-11, File: 360x288, 0:06)

320x240, 1:11The Race in Berlin-Grünau (GER) 2001
A TV report by SFB.
(Date: 2001-07-15, File: 320x240, 1:11)

320x240, 0:04The buoy jump in Jedovnice (CZE) 2000
Reinhard Gerbert (HR 1000) takes the buoy exactly.
(Date: 2000-09-03, File: 320x240, 0:04)