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04/23/15: Advance Program, Corse, Schedule and Entry Form for San Nazzaro (ITA, WC O125) in the download area
04/20/15: Dates 2015 updated: EC T550 (POL) open!
04/20/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
04/16/15: Advance Program, Entry Form, Schedule, Course and Hotels for Imatra (FIN, WC GT15, EC GT30) in the download area
04/16/15: Update: Advance Program, Entry Form, Course and Schedule for Boretto (ITA, WC round F500, EC rounds F125 and F250) in the download area
03/24/15: Training Lake Halbendorf (GER) at 11th April!
03/24/15: Advance Program, Entry Form, Course and Schedule for Epinay (FRA, WC rounds F4) in the download area
03/24/15: UIM Rules - miscellaneous Derogations for 2014 Race Season in the download area (e.g. steering cables yet only 4mm)
03/24/15: UIM 2015 - Circuit rules - in the Download area
03/03/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
03/01/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing

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