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11/29/15: Photos of the sportsmen honour ceremony 2015 in Brandenburg (GER)
11/25/15: Training 2016 in Weißwasser (GER)
11/12/15: Jim Noone (GBR) holds the new FR1000 speed record at the Coniston Power Boat Records Week einen: 114,77 mph!
11/12/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/30/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/29/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/28/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (Germany) updated
10/27/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/26/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/23/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/19/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/15/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/15/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
10/14/15: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
10/13/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/11/15: Total Result from Boretto (ITA), WC O250
10/09/15: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
10/08/15: Provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.) updated
10/06/15: The Champions honoring of the DMYV will take place on 28 November at Hotel Axxon in Brandenburg!
10/03/15: Photos from the Final Training (Bockwurstrennen) in Dessau
09/28/15: Results from Düren (GER), WC rounds F4
09/27/15: New Classified Ad rubric Other
09/26/15: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
09/24/15: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
09/21/15: Photos from Cremona (ITA), WC F500, EC F350
09/20/15: Marian JUNG (SVK) is F500 World Champion 2015!
09/20/15: Results from Cremona (ITA), WC round F500, EC round F350
09/20/15: First provisional Date Calendar 2016 (U.I.M.)
09/18/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
09/16/15: Advance Progr., Schedule, Course, and EntryForm for Boretto (ITA, WC O250) in the download area
09/14/15: Result from Rendsburg (GER)
09/14/15: Result from Torun (POL), EC F4
09/14/15: New location for the WC O250 in Boretto (ITA) at 10/11 October!
09/13/15: Free Training in Dessau at 3rd October 2015!
09/13/15: Video: PowerboatRace Jedovnice (CZE) 2015
09/13/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
09/11/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
09/10/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
09/08/15: Photos from Jedovnice (CZE), WC O250, EC FR1000
09/07/15: After 45 years of racing - Reinhard Gerbert (#10, FR1000) comes to an end as European Champion!
09/07/15: Result from Wloclawek (POL), EC T550
09/07/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
09/07/15: Results from Jedovnice (CZE), WC O250, EC round FR1000
09/06/15: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
09/05/15: Liveticker: News from Jedovnice (CZE), WC O250, EC round FR1000
09/01/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
09/01/15: Results from Nottingham (GBR), WC rounds F4, WC OSY400, GT30, EC GT15
08/30/15: Result from Campione d italia (SUI), WC round F2
08/30/15: Provisional Results from Nottingham (GBR), WC rounds F4, WC OSY400, GT30, EC GT15
08/27/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
08/25/15: Photos from Berlin-Grünau (GER)
08/24/15: Advance Progr., Schedule, Course, and EntryForm for Torun-Chelmza (POL, EC F4) in the download area
08/24/15: Advance Progr., Schedule, Course, and EntryForm for Wloclawek (POL, EC T550) in the download area
08/23/15: Results from Berlin-Grünau (GER)
08/22/15: Liveticker: News from Berlin-Grünau (GER)
08/18/15: Result from Zarasai (LTU), EC F2
08/18/15: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
08/16/15: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
08/10/15: Photos from Bitterfeld (GER), WC F500, EC F250, F125, FR1000
08/10/15: Advance Progr., Entry Form and Schedule for Berlin-Grünau (GER) in the download area
08/09/15: Results from Bitterfeld (GER), WC round F500, EC rounds F250, F125 and FR1000
08/08/15: New Classified Ad rubric Other
08/08/15: Liveticker: News from Bitterfeld (GER), WC round F500, EC rounds F250, F125 and FR1000
08/07/15: The EC round F125 in Skulsk (POL) was cancelled!
08/04/15: Photos from Kriebstein (GER), EC O700, F350
08/04/15: Result from Tonsberg (NOR), WC round F2

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