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03/20/18: Advance Progr., Course and Entry Form for Traben-Trarbach (GER, WC GT15, EC round FR1000) in the download area
03/20/18: Advance Progr., Schedule, Course and EntryForm for Boretto (ITA, WC rounds F500, F250 and F125) in the download area
03/15/18: Turtle Test in Lorch (GER), 24 March!
03/15/18: Turtle Test in Berlin (GER)!
03/08/18: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
03/03/18: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
02/27/18: Advance Progr., Entry Form, ... for Brodenbach (GER) in the download area
02/27/18: Dates for Classic Boat Events 2018
02/21/18: Advance Progr. for Brodenbach (GER) in the download area
02/20/18: Advance Progr. and Entry Form for the Spring training at Lake Halbendorf (GER) in the download area
02/14/18: UIM Date Calendar 2018 for international title events updated!
01/20/18: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
01/15/18: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
01/13/18: Date Calendar 2018: EC round in Kaunas (LTU) for FR1000 (not F1000, mistake by UIM)!
01/10/18: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
01/07/18: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
01/06/18: Date Calendar 2018 for events in Germany updated!
01/03/18: Training 2018 at Lake Halbendorf near Weißwasser (GER)
12/23/17: UIM 2018 - Circuit rules - in the Download area
12/22/17: UIM published provisional Date Calendar 2018
12/20/17: New Classified Ads rubric Racing
12/18/17: Result from Sharjah (UAE), final WC round F1
12/17/17: Result from Abu Dhabi (UAE), WC round F1
11/12/17: New Classified Ad rubric Racing
11/07/17: Video: 24th Int. ADAC Powerboat Race in Berlin-Grünau (GER), final EC round FR1000
10/23/17: New Classified Ad rubric Racing

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