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Jedovnice (CZE) 12-14 May 2023 (WC rounds F500, F250, F125 and EC round FR1000)
Advance Program, Course and Schedule (PDF, 427kB)
Entry form (PDF, 208kB)

Zhengzhou (CHN) 28-30 April 2023 (WC round F1)
Advance Program and Schedule (PDF, 500kB)

Training Lake Halbendorf and Turtle Test in Weisswasser (GER) 28-30 April 2023
Advance Program, Schedule (PDF, 645kB)
Entry Form for the training (update: 11 March 2023, PDF, 179kB)
QR scan code for online registration and more information

Balige - Lake Toba (INA) 24-26 February 2023 (WC round F1)
Advance Program and Schedule (Update: 23 February 2023, PDF, 435kB)

UIM 2023 - Rule book
Circuit rules 2023 (published: 22 December 2022, PDF, 28.3MB)
Circuit rules 2023 for Smartphone/Tablet (published: 22 December 2022, PDF, 30.3MB)


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