Statement of Tomas Lind
My name is Tomas Lind and I am a Swedish driver of the F350 boat # 55.
I am also one of the organizers of the hydro race event in Mora Sweden so my proposals for changes are based on some experience from both sided and they are all for the best of all in this sport: I also like to say that I have no intend to start a "pissing contest" between active drivers and various organizations when that leads no where...
we are to work together and thereby I like to place a humble suggestion in poor Swinglish as follows to all of us that love this sport:

1) Make the Hydro F-serie to be 4 (5) events.
One (1) event / month and make it to be at the end of the month.
To be at end of May- June- July- August (September as back up/and the WC/WM event)

Because then both drivers and fan's know when- where it's a event. Traveling costs get mush cheaper- of work can be planned and generate less friction. Leads to more boats and more spectators over and over again. Also, if UIM sanction 4-5 big International hydro events in Europe then all local organizers knows both when they can and when they can't have there local smaller events. This makes more room for both the big and the smaller events.

2) Have these events by the big hydro nations, suggestion: May in Italy. warm any nice but not to hot ! Italy must enter better in to hydro F-series. June in Polen or Hungary, because of many active drivers. July in Sweden/Mora, we have the organization and a super place for hydro. Aug. in Germany at Tempel or Brandenburg Berlin wish both are given central place's for the finals + WC/WM event with great economical and spectator recourses.

Fixed (written in stone) event calendar = more boats and more spectators + lower cost for everyone. The earlier you can book your traveling the cheaper you get it ! Stop mowing around the bigger events and understand that it takes 3-5 years to build an event. If having a new place every year the event is organized by a amateurs with NO spectators all the time = catastrophe for everyone!

3) All hydro classes together on these larger events.
Let F125 + F250 + F350 + (500) & OSY be on the one and same event and don't ignore the Classic boats!

Because everything else is wrong for all sides, as follows:
Spectators want more than one or two classes and if not then just the closes related people to these classes show up at the event.
Organizers need/must have several classes to be able to attract a large crowd and the amount of work is the same for 5 classes as for 2, the deferens is only a better income/pay back by more classes.
Drivers would save mush money and work by be able to travel together. Together we have more spare parts and we need less mechanics/help with us because we can help each other when required.
Ex: Why should two Swedish teams have to go to two different locations in Italy when we can go together for less money and more fun!
I also know that several "new" teams stay home because they don't know where- how- and have a fear for new rules/routines and a lack of experience. By allowing us to go together the old- help new teams over the doorstep. Also I believe the spectator would like to see the Swedish, German and Italian "corner" in the pit with there flags- music- food- and understandable language etcetera.

4) UIM- SVERA and RYA and all other national organizers and organizations must adopt to today's realities of very hard competition between different kinds of events. - Our event's must be bigger by more classes and boats on the water/event. - Our event's must be stronger/wider by support arrangements like .. Motor Cross- Motorcycles- Go carts - Street race and so on when we, the hydro drivers not are any mega starts in the spectators eyes.

10-20 or 30 years ago then the family father decided where- when- on what to spend the pleasure money on…. today it's more the kids that tells the parents where to go. The younger generation of today can choose between mush- mush more events that some years ago. Who of you would 20 years ago believe that you could spend 300.000 USD on a monster truck and take it to a stadium and wreck it and make a profit on it….????

5) Certify all larger events for a minimum standard for drivers- organizers and spectators. Today's certification is not mush more than how many boats can be on the track, we need mush more, example:
For the driver:
-Do we need a ambulance- a transport car- or a helicopter at the race track ? You all understand that there is a price difference for organizer for above alternatives. Is there a difference for the one that need the transport - Yes & no because it depends where the track is located, how fare to hospital- what kind of hospital- what kind of help available by the track.
Ex: In Mora Sweden we have a emergenzy hospital 3 minutes from the track. Still the UIM rules are stating: Ambulance have to be at the race track = cost 2.000 EUR

-Do we need a doctor at the track ?
In Sweden all that are manning a ambulance have a full paramedic education = is better to threat "our kinds" of accidents than a doctor of psychology. UIM rules still state:
- Doctor have to be at the track = cost 500 EUR

For the organizer:
Why do each organizer have to get- pay- operate his own time and lap counting system ? There are good electronic systems available on the market that can handle this wish give both help for the organizer and better service for drivers and spectators. UIM can buy and man these systems on all these larger events for the best of all.

For the spectator and drivers:
- It have to be a minimum standard for:
Hotels available, toilets, information before- during and after the race.

If we can start with inprovments like these then I know we will get:
more boats- more events- more spectators - better economics - more media and then more boats- more events- more spectators - better economics - more media ...a.s.o...

I send my proposal to you drivers and to our UIM representatives and trust we get a creative discussion and action towards the better….. there already been to B.S. talk and to little action

Best regards

Tomas Lind