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Kupiškis (LTU) 14-16 August 2020 (EC OSY400, GT15 and GT30)
Advance Program, Course, Schedule and Entry form (PDF, 556kB)

Rendsburg (GER) 8/9 August 2020
Advance Program, Schedule and Entry form (PDF, german, 3MB)

Aizkraukle (LAT) 8/9 August 2020 (EC round FR1000)
Advance Program, Schedule and Entry form (PDF, 415kB)

Aluksne (LAT) 11 July 2020
Advance Program and Course (PDF, 363kB)

Spring Training Lake Hlabendorf (GER) 25 April 2020 - Cancelled!
Advance Program, Schedule (PDF, German, 207kB)
Entry Form (PDF, German, 172kB)

International German Championship (IGC) F2
Announcement (PDF, 150kB)

International German Championship (IGC) F4
Announcement (PDF, 180kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 23kB)

German Championship (GC) F5
Announcement (PDF, 199kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 23kB)
Homologation Tohatsu F5 (PDF, 763kB)

German Championship (GC) GT30
Announcement (PDF, 179kB)

German Championship (GC) GT15
Announcement (PDF, 175kB)
Entry Form (PDF, 124kB)

German Championship (GC) GT6
Announcement (PDF, 170kB)

UIM 2020 - Rule book
Circuit rules 2020 (PDF, 18MB, bublished: 20 December 2019)


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